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When an officer from the hate crimes unit comes to the halfway house, Matt's supervisor is stunned to learn that Matt is gay. He quickly devises a reason to fire him. Jake and Rhonda convince Matt to seek legal recourse. A customer at Shooters asks.

B: 8 Jul 92 pc: 2392001 w: Darren Star d: Howard Deutsch. NOTE : Jennie Garth (Kelly Ian Ziering (Steve Brian Austin Green (David) and Tori Spelling were regulars on Beverly Hills, 90210. Grant Show had appeared on two episodes of that series to introduce.

Alison accidentally dents the car door of a vice president at the ad agency that employs her, D D. She accepts a date with him, but Billy has to come to the rescue when the man tries to force his way into the apartment. Jake.

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Billy loses the boy's trust when he tries to stand up to the absentee father. Jake and Sandy try to rebuild their relationship, but Sandy is enraged when their first date goes a little too well. b: 9 Sep 92 pc: 2392009 w: Frederick Rappaport.

Jane and Michael decide to let a homeless woman keep the dog, and realize they must confront their pain. Alison lashes out at Billy after she finds him fooling around with one of her bras in the laundry room. She later reveals the source of.

He sets up a fake date with a friend and rubs it in Kelly's face to trick her into breaking up with him. Jane loses her wedding ring during a girls' night out with Rhonda. Billy writes a screenplay inspired by his experiences with the.

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Sylvia Lewis, Heidi Pratt, Genevieve Hamper, Coleen Garcia (b. 1992), Tess Jantschek
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Alison looks to replace her clunker car, but has a difficult time letting go. b: 2 Sep 92 pc: 2392008 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Jefferson Kibbee NOTE : Nigel Gibbs later had a recurring role as Detective Wylie. "Responsibly Yours" gs: Joyce Hyser Aurora.

After failing miserably in his new job at a coffee shop, Jake agrees to help his ex-girlfriend Peri with the sale of a fraudulent painting. He backs out of the deal after catching Peri using drugs, and later lands a job as a mechanic. Matt.

She realizes that she is trying too hard to forget the miscarriage. b: 21 Oct 92 pc: 2392012 w: Amy Spies d: Daniel Attias "Dreams Come True" gs: H. Richard Greene Ken Gable rc: Lucy, Keith Alison continues to see Keith, despite the misgivings of.

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