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Known for his grounded, avorful compilations and unexpected details (dont be surprised to nd a spoonful of roe in your green beans, or slices of savory sweet potato garnishing your panna cot-ta self-taught chef John Brand orchestrates the menu to provide artfully composed, seasonal fare.

This farm-to-table restaurant almost dares you to not like veggies. Their menu is largely vegetarian, but each dish is so flavorful you don't miss the meatA meal at Supper is an utter delight, not only because of the food and clear spirits cocktails, but also.

Wine AT SUPPER Sample Wine List Bar Menu AT SUPPER. Walk-in only 3:00pm 5:00pm Market Menu AT SUPPER Brunch Menu on Saturdays and Sundays 7am to 3pm. My new favorite hotel is in an old brewery. In addition to the stellar restaurant, Supper, theres a.

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Culturemap San Antonio Chef John Brand wanted a hotel restaurant that didnt seem like one, and he succeeds with Supper, where the farm-to-table magic and mundane (beet salad, anyone?) are elevated by his imagination. The crisp black, white, and stainless steel look of the dining.

San Antonio Magazine Supper at Hotel Emma is worth every single bit of hype youve heard. Chef John Brand delivers in a spectacular way with each dish meticulously attended to with brilliant distinction. Culturemap San Antonio. Newsletter Please keep me posted on the latest.

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John Brand is a vegetable whisperer who transforms small plates into crave worthy dishes. Even though Brand and his team shine brightest with small vegetable plates, they execute main dishes with aplombmanager Michael McClellan and Brand have trained their staff well. Theyve created a restaurant.

Coming together for good food at your favorite place its an American tradition. Hotel Emma embraces the tradition at Supper, where Chef John Brands approach is straightforward and creative, guided by flavor, whats in season, and what feels good in the center of a table.


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