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I havent done TV in four years, she says with a lyrical Geordie lilt. And I decided I wanted to do something Id enjoy, something that shows other people with disabilities you can get out there and do stuff she also took part in Dancing.

But back to the beginning. Even before Mills met McCartney (at the Pride Of Britain Awards in 1999) her life story read like something from a Dickensian novel. Her father, John, was a handsome paratrooper who, Mills claims, was violently abusive to his wife Beatrice.

She can only remember her mother hugging her once. She just wasnt a very emotional woman. Yet she looks close to tears as she tells how she missed being with her mother when she died from a blood clot because she had run out to.

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I told her right to her face how wrong she was. By 15, she was living in London with her mother. Rather inexplicably, she never stopped loving the woman who abandoned her (Mills named her only child after her) and directs her anger only at.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all, however, was marrying McCartney. Yoko Ono once said, Marrying a Beatle turns the whole world against you. McCartney and a soaked Fiona Shackleton leaving the High Court in 2008 Mills nods: I like Yoko. Shes a very wise, very.

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I can do what I want. And viewers love to see celebrities face a hellish ordeal ironically it is through doing this that Mills hopes for redemption, for people to see her as she really is. The training is full-on. The previous day she set.

Many of her stories were said to have been fabrications. She nods at this. My stepfather Charles Stapley, a sometime Crossroads actor said I was a fantasist. He was an emotional bully but that stuck and that was it. 'I never understood it because one.

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