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Rather, it consists of my picks of her best tales, the ones I enjoyed reading, and recommend to others. Helen Reilly Helen Reilly was a prolific author of mystery novels, whose career stretched from 1930 to 1962. Commentary on Helen Reilly: Steve Lewis' article on.

Government: A Positive View Helen Reilly is not a political writer, in any traditional sense. Her books rarely express political ideas, unlike say her contemporary Helen McCloy, whose writings are full of political commentary. (There are exceptions in Reilly's work that can be read politically.

Also Crofts-like: the way we share all of McKee's thoughts and discoveries throughout the book, instead of waiting till the end of the novel to get the detective's ideas. Reilly shares Crofts' internationalism: McKee of Centre Street has frequent flashbacks to Columbia in South America.

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This is very different from the Croftsian tales in which the viewpoint focuses steadily on Inspector French. Nor is Reilly especially interested in such Croftsian features as ingeniously faked alibis, detailed Backgrounds, the "breakdown of identity clever criminal money making schemes involving smuggling or forgery.

Federal employee Marshal Dillon was shown as outstanding at his job. It is important to recognize the pro-Government political view implicit in such works as Reilly's novels and Gunsmoke. "I would much rather be an honorable public servant and known as suc).

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This is not an easy question. Howard Haycraft in Murder for Pleasure (1941) emphasized that she was not a Had I But Known (HIBK ) writer. This was true at the time; but later, she often included young society women in her tales, who were.

Steve Lewis' bibliography is at (scroll to the end) MysteryFile. William F. Deeck's article on Death Demands an Audience is at MysteryFile. William F. Deeck's article on Dead Man Control is at MysteryFile. Curtis Evans' article on Name Your Poison is at The Passing Tramp.

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