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She told m that she was born in Paris, and her background is French-North African. Playboy wrote of Rau: In the flesh, Ines has a presence you can feel before you lay eyes on herShes more petite than her sculpted bone structure and dagger-sharp cheekbones.

Heres what you need to know: 1. Playboy quot;s Rau as Saying, Nudity Shouldnt Be Taboo. Meet your November 2017 Playmate, @supa_ines, Playboy announced on Instagram, along with the above photo of Rau. Rau also posted images from the Playboy shoot on her Instagram page.

A post shared by INES RAU supa_ines) on Sep 19, 2017 at 5:40am PDT Rau is 26-years-old, and she had already found success in the modeling world as a trailblazer before being selected by Playboy for the honor, which comes immediately on the heels of.

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Its not about sexuality but the beauty of the human body, whether male or female. The issue is also noteworthy, reports People Magazine, because it is the first ever to feature only a man on the cover without a woman: Recently deceased Founder Hugh Hefner.

Im the happiest girl in the world, just being what I wanted to be. She told Playboy that she cares about environmental causes, adding, I will always fight for LGBTQ rights and womens rights, but above everything else, my cause is the environment. Nothing touches.

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View this post on Instagram #BADGIRLSCOMPCARDS A post shared by INES RAU supa_ines) on Sep 26, 2017 at 9:36am PDT In the Playboy article accompanying the photos, Rau says, according to People Magazine, that the shoot has helped her put the harder times behind her.

Posing with him is Ines Rau, a Parisian model who recently came out as transgender and who seems to be on the verge of a major career breakthrough. Jezebel added of the photos, Raus Facebook and Instagram accounts were both temporarily shut down after she.

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