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Best food, the best ride and the best order to minimize the way and maximize the fun. DJ: That's okay uncle Jesse, we don't need it. Jesse: Why? DJ: Oh well all we gonna be doing is riding Screaming Thunder over and over all day.

Episode 063 Those Better Not Be The Days. Teaser We find Jesse and Michelle in Michelle's room. Jesse: Okay babe, it's time to put on your munchkin shoes, okay, give me your left foot. Michelle sticks out her right foot. Jesse: No no, that's your.

Michelle: (Walking in) Hello you're missing number five. DJ: We're coming. Stephanie: Let's go. Jesse: Hey hohohoho hold it. This is grape jelly, you guys know I like strawberry jelly. DJ: How could that have slipped my mind, one peanut butter and strawberry jelly coming.

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Becky and Jesse walk to the door. Joey: Al right, let's watch some basketball. Danny: Yes! Becky and Jesse want to walk out of the door, as the girls walk back in. Stephanie is holding Michelle's coat over Michelle's head, and DJ holds Stephanie's coat.

Guess what, I mouth tugged my mom and she grounded me. Jesse: Why aren't you home? Kimmy: Because she grounded me here. Danny Joey: No! Kimmy: Yes. She said if I stay home with her, she'll just be punishing herself. Becky: Jess, what do you.

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Joey walks in. Joey: Right here, I went to the store, I got you some extra batteries, some extra film, lens tissue, and I attached the handy travel strap. Stephanie: On second thought, I don't want to load all that extra stuff around, I'll just.

Michelle: Oh nuts. They hear a car horn. DJ: That's Kimmy's mom. Dad, hurry up, I need my sweater. Danny: (Walking in) Okay, I' ready and it is perfect. It's been hand washed, pre soaked and flat dried according the manufacturer specifications. DJ takes the.

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