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(LY) Castle, William. ( - ) Schlockmeister producer and director with a definite knack for promotion. He directed Joan in '64's Strait-Jacket and '65's I Saw What You Did. Other feats: He was the producer of '68's Rosemary's Baby and directed the '59 Vincent Price.

School link. Chained. MGM, 1934. Directed by Clarence Brown, 74 minutes. Joan stars as "Diane Lovering" in a love triangle with an older married man and the available Clark Gable. It's her 5th film with Gable. Says Joan in CWJC :.Clark a).

She never saw him again. (JCB) While various Joan bios speculate that Cassin seems to have disappeared completely after this time and possibly died in 1919, in fact his actual whereabouts and death and burial are a matter of public record. Specifically (according to Cassin.

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H. Mullins, Charles Graybill and E. G. Warren. Henry Cassin's mother, Mary Lyden, was born in Galway County, Ireland about 1849. Her brother, Patrick Lyden, was also born in Galway County, and their parents John and Julia Henry Lyden came to the United States in.

The service was given by Father Lamp. Mr. Cassin died suddenly of heart trouble while on a business trip to Tennessee. The body arrived in Lawton today noon accompanied by the two sisters of Mr. Cassin, Miss Mary and Miss Katherine Delehanty. St. Clair's have.

( His mother, Mary Lyden Cassin Delehanty, is also buried in Highland Cemetery, as are his half-sisters Katherine and Mary Delehanty, and his brother William, who died in a car accident near Lawton in 1918.) From the Lawton Constitution : HENRY CASSIN TO BE BURIED HERE.

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During the welcome dinner for the Rain cast, Joan tried talking to Catlett about her interpretation of the Sadie Thompson character. Catlett responded: "Listen, fishcake, when Jeanne Eagels died, Rain died with her." (What a gent!) (JCB) IMDb info. Chadwick School. Palos Verdes, California, school founded.

Caniff, Milton. ( - ) Friend of Joan and author of the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates which ran from 1934 to 1946. This strip's character "The Dragon Lady" was based on Joan. Caniff explained in 1973 that Joan had been the model "In.

(In the Essential Biography, author Quirk says that Joan told him that she and Cassin had had sex when she was 11 and that this is what prompted the family upheaval at that time.) In Kansas City, Cassin enrolled Billie in the St. Agnes convent school.

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Sugith Varughese, Sarah Gilman, Arianne Zucker born June 3, 1974 (age 44), Gloria Paul, Lenora Crichlow


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