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In the early 1930s, Mapy traveled to New York City, where she married childhood friend. Fernando "Papi" Corts. Under contract to a theatrical troupe headlined by Dominican baritone. Eduardo Brito, the couple traveled to Spain. After the company disbanded, the couple began performing in different.

Delgado, 1941) - quickly turned Mapy Corts into one of the most bankable leading ladies in Mexican cinema. In 1942, Corts made her only foray into Hollywood cinema, playing a singer in the 1942 RKO wartime musical comedy Seven Days' Leave. Her eponymous character is.

No molestar / Newlyweds. Don't Bother (1950) VENEZUELA Venezuela tambin canta / Venezuela Also Sings (1951) MEXICO Dormitorio para señoritas / Girls' Dormitory (1959) PUERTO RICO Lamento borincano / Puerto Rican Lament (1963, Mexican co-production) En mi viejo San Juan / In My Old San.

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Telemundo Channel 2. On March 28, 1954, Puerto Rico received its first television transmission from. Telemundo : a live broadcast of the Spanish comedy El caso de la mujer asesinadita, starring Mapy and directed by Fernando. The couple also starred in the station's first comedy.

She died at her home in 1998, of a heart attack. She was buried at the Puerto Rico Memorial Cemetery in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Filmography edit SPAIN Dos mujeres y un don Juan / Two Women and a don Juan (1933) El paraíso recobrado.

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They made their stage debut as part of the Cantinflas revue and soon joined the growing Mexican film industry, which lacked established female stars. Back-to-back starring roles in three hit films - the Pan-American musical. La liga de las canciones / The League of Songs.

By that time Corts had a nephew, Paquito Cordero, who would become a famed actor and producer in Puerto Rico. Mapy in the 1942 RKO film "Seven Days Leave.". After the start of the Spanish Civil War, Mapy and Fernando Corts went to Marseilles before.

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