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Male names Polish name Common diminutives English equivalent. Adam Adaś, Adasiek, Adi Adam Adrian Adek, Adi. Adrian Albert Albercik, Bercik Albert Albin Albin Aleksander Alek, Aleks, Olek Alexander Aleksy Alek, Aleks, Olek Alex Alfons Alek, Aluś Alphonso Ambroży Ambrożyk. Ambrose Anatol Tolek Anatole Andrzej Andrzejek.

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1 After Fiddler, she joined the original cast of. Salvation in 1969. 18 She began singing in the Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse in the Ansonia Hotel, in the summer of 1970. 1. During this time, she became close to her piano accompanist, Barry Manilow.

1967 stage, film and television actor, known for playing Lt. Thomas Bale in the TV program NYPD Blue 19 Graham Greene (b. 1952 TV and movie actor; born on Six Nations reserve and lived in Hamilton as a young adult; appeared in The Green Mile.

2. In April, she successfully defended her title at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix before rebounding from her first round loss at the French Open with a runner-up finish at the Wimbledon Championships. After beginning her US Open Series with a new career-best semifinal appearance.

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