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Later, she was part of the festival "Juguemos a Cantar" (1982 together with her brother, Jorge, and two friends, she made it to the finals, which allowed her to record on a compilation album edited for the festival. Manterola soon entered the world of modeling.

11 Designing career edit In 2004, Manterola planned to open a business in the Mexican city of Puebla, launching her own line of jeans, " B -good suitable for everybody. citation needed Commercials edit References edit.

(2000) and Carman: The Champion (2001). In her role as Gabriela in the Dukes of Hazzard movie, Manterola demonstrated her bilingual ability as her character was pitted as Bo Duke's ( John Schneider ) love interest. A few years prior to the movie's release, she.

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De Llano eventually suggested she audition for the group, but noticing her talent, invited her to be part of a new project known as Garibaldi. Personal life edit On April 17, 1999, Paty married. Javier Ortiz, a fellow ex-member of Garibaldi. Yet they divorced a.

Paty's newfound notoriety allowed her to make the smooth transition into acting. Soon thereafter, Paty earned roles in various telenovelas (soap opera) such as Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma (1995) and Gente Bien (1997). She received the newcomer of the year award from the Latin American.

She donated personal jewelry which was sold at auction to further the cause. 10 Manterola's altruism is not solely restricted to animal rights and the environment. In January 2006, she personally donated 1,500 toys for the children of the Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo in Chapultepec. "No.

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Patricia, is eight years younger. Patyas she is also knownattended elementary school at "Colegio Miguel Angel" and "Franco-Espanol." She studied at "Colegio Oxford" in Cuernavaca during her middle school years, where she lived with her extended family for a while. For high school she attended.

Garibaldi edit Garibaldi was a Mexican group of young men and women, wearing a very free version of the traditional charro costume while singing modern version of traditional songs, causing some controversy. The name Garibaldi comes from Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City where mariachi bands.

Patricia Manterola (Spanish pronunciation: patisja manteola ; born Bertha Patricia Manterola Carrión on April 23, 1972) 1 2 3 is a Mexican singer, actress, model, and fashion designer born in. Mexico City. 4 5 Contents Background edit Patricia Manterola Carrion was born to Jorge Manterola.

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