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Published: 22:31 GMT, Updated: 22:31 GMT, Like most of us, Nigel Havers loves a posh hotel. 'Who doesn't?' he asks. 'They're rather lovely places after all.' He's certainly in a position to know following his latest television venture, which sees him sampling the high life in.

This particular show, Posh Hotels With Sally And Nigel, sees him team up with actress Sally Lindsay, with the duo taking it in turns to sample life both as a guest and a worker as they visit one hotel in each episode. Both former Coronation.

Little wonder, if their experiment in London's Langham Hotel bar is anything to go by: one evening after filming the duo made their own cocktail featuring every spirit on the shelf. 'It was so strong we couldn't drink it, but the crew did laughs Nigel.

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'I have my day mapped out he declares. 'You wake up, have a spot of breakfast, go for a walk, a bit of carriage driving, then you come back for a cup of tea and a bit of a lie-down. 'Then it's a glass of.

It's just one of the eye-popping requests the hotel fields from its residents: in one scene Sally learns that a guest asked for a live lamb to be delivered to his room to surprise his wife a demand the team managed to fulfil within 90.

'Five-star hotels around the world sounds rather good doesn't it?' He smiles. 'I think both Sally and I would be up for that.' Posh Hotels With Sally And Nigel, Friday, 9pm, Channel 5).

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'I'm a sheets and blankets person and I make a very good bed at home, but the hotel beds were just too big he says. 'I quite liked being a waiter, though, I have to say.'. There were plenty of perks too, including some special.

Nigel also spends time 'backstage' to discover exactly what goes in to oiling the wheels at some of our starriest five-star retreats. Rather a lot, is the answer. 'It's an industry really Nigel reflects.  'Every department, whether it's housekeeping or the kitchen, has a vast team.

Breakfast tin bed! Former Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay indulged at the Langham hotel. Set at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, the Regency mansion was built by the Coote family in the 1820s, but had endured mixed fortunes until, in 2002, Chicago businessman.

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