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152. a b Carter 1990, p. 277. a b c d e Carus 2002, p. 51. Tucker 2000, p. 116. a b c d e Oregon Historical Society, 20, p. 119. McCann 2006, p. 153. Wellm.

5 After prison, Sheela married Urs Birnstiel, a Swiss citizen, who reportedly died after a short marriage. 6 Contents Early life and education edit Sheela was born Sheela Ambalal Patel in 1949 at. Baroda, in Gujarat State, India, the youngest of six children of the.

Sheela responded "that's very nice, did she do a good job?". 25 Sheela mentioned that Bhagwan "did use quite a lot of medicines. For instance, once Bhagwan was taking 60 milligrams" of Valium a day. She added "I also know that he was not afraid.

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3 She was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison and paroled after 39 months 4 Sheela later moved to Switzerland, where she married, and purchased two nursing homes. In 1999, she was convicted by a Swiss court of "criminal acts preparatory to the commission.

She was just a hotel waitress, and I made her almost a queen. I have never made love to her, that much is certain.". Bhagwan said that she always wanted to make love to him. She stated "we used to spend 2.5 million a month.

The reported added "You used to be the queen who presided over an empire built on a gigantic con. She said "Yes, I did presided over it". Bhagwan said that Sheela couldn't "get it because she has very third rate mind". Bhagwan added "She is.

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Geist, William E. (16 September 1981). "Cult in castle troubling Montclair". The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Retrieved 17 December 2009. Clark, Taylor (16 December 2007). "The Red Menace". Willamette Week. Portland, Oregon : City of Roses Newspapers. Archived from the original.

28 Sheela attempted to influence the Wasco County Court's November election and capture the two open seats 29 30 by bussing in hundreds of homeless people from within Oregon as well as outside, and registering them as county voters. 13 Later, when that effort failed.

She was extradited to the US in February on charges of immigration fraud 39 and attempted murder. 35 40 The Oregon Attorney General prosecuted for crimes related to the poisoning of Commissioner Matthew and Judge Hulse 41 while the US Attorney prosecuted crimes related to.


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