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1955 Canadian sports analyst on Rogers Sportsnet and host of sportsnetnews 16 Angela Featherstone (born 1965 actress, writer and teacher Jonathan Frid (19242012 theater, television and movie actor, known for the role of the vampire Barnabas Collins on the first incarnation of the Gothic TV.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search. See also: List of McMaster University people and Category:Mayors of Hamilton, Ontario The following people were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely connected to the city of. Hamilton, Ontario. This list is incomplete.

1967 stage, film and television actor, known for playing Lt. Thomas Bale in the TV program NYPD Blue 19 Graham Greene (b. 1952 TV and movie actor; born on Six Nations reserve and lived in Hamilton as a young adult; appeared in The Green Mile.

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1970 actor, played Seamus Harper on TV's Andromeda 41 Dominic Zamprogna (b. 1979 actor, played James "Jammer" Lyman on TV's Battlestar Galactica 42 Gema Zamprogna (1976- actress, played Felicity King on Road to Avonlea (19891996) 43 Fine arts edit Blaine (19372012 political cartoonist 44 William.

1986 actor, known for his role as Young Zach on the series Dark Angel 25 Ashley Leggat (b. 1986 actress, known for her role as "Casey" in the Disney Channel series Life with Derek 26 Eugene Levy (b. 1946 actor, television director, producer and writer;.

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1956 comic book writer and artist; creator of Cerebus 54 Paul Szep (b. 1941 editorial cartoonist; two-time Pulitzer Prize winner 55 Illusionists edit Journalism and writing edit Roy Adams, author, newspaper columnist, human rights activist and academic 57 Barbara Amiel, British-Canadian journalist, writer, socialite; wife.

Bryden (b. 1943 politician, journalist, historian 61 Richard Butler (18341925 editor, publisher, journalist; the Butler neighbourhood in Hamilton is named after him 62 Trevor Cole, newspaper and magazine columnist, novelist 63 Hugh Cook (b. 1942 novelist 64 Damien Cox, sports columnist for the Toronto Star.

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